Meritxell Tembleque and Joaquim Falcó

Txell was born in Barcelona in 1970 and studied ceramics and glass working. Quím was born in Ripoll in 1966 and studied sculpture and glass making in Barcelona. Both received a grant to study sculptural glass techniques in the Czech Republic at the workshop of the sculptor Jaroslav Wasserbauer. They set up their own workshop in 1999 in Barcelona. They are part of the New Glass movement.

They have had exhibitions and participated in biennials in Spain, Mexico, Denmark and Japan. Some of the prizes they have won are the Silver ARTFAD 2006 in the professional category in Barcelona and the second prize in the 26th international design competition Expohogar.

They say: “We are interested in Creativity, epecially if it escapes being categorized. Where Art, Craft and Design meet is where we feel most comfortable. We have made glass working our trade and a medium for research and artistic expression. We like to explore the poetry of the materials but find a balance between the concept and the cost."

Quim and Txell's sculptures and are the result of a combination of shapes, writing and transparency. Their use of writing is what impacts most. They engrave words and sentences in the glass, composing calligraphies that seem suspended in space. The writing becomes a personal diary that everyone can read but cannot quite decipher.
One of the techniques they use, among others, is "fused glass". The works are made from sheets of glass cut into multiple layers following the final shape they wish to give the work. They write on these layers with grisaille, then put the stacked layers in a mould made previously in the shape required and melt them in an electric furnace. The result is that all the layers become one glass piece, which can then be worked on cold: cutting, shaping, polishing ... The technical challenge is to melt the glass without mixing the writing and the layers. This overlapping of written layers is an overlapping of memories and experiences: a travelogue where the text and the work are intimately connected.      

Prices from 420 € to 8,000 €.