Maria Pujol

Maria was born in Barcelona in 1982. She studied engraving and printing techniques at the Llotja School of Art and Design in Barcelona at the Conservatory of the Arts of the Book. In 2004 she obtained a degree in Art and Design in Engraving and Printing Techniques. She completed her internship in late 2005 by working as an engraver in the engraving workshop "AGA" Amsterdams Grafish Atelier in Amsterdam. Returning to Barcelona she joined the Manera Negra printmaking workshop.
     In June 2010 Maria Pujol founded the Graphic Art Group IMPRESSIONS where she manages the work of 10 artists who live in the city of Barcelona. She also began curatorial and organizational management of Graphic Art exhibitions.
    In March 2012 she received an Artistic Residency Scholarship from IFITRY, the “Centre d'Art Contemporain d'Essaouira” in Morocco and from the 15th to 30th June her work was selected and exhibited at the 1st International Biennal in Casablanca (Morocco).
    Currently she directs and coordinates training courses at the Manera Negra engraving workshop and combines teaching with the creation of artists' books and editing graphic work for other artists.
    Maria Pujol's work is in the collections of the “BNE” National Spanish Library (Madrid), Galeria Xibau (Menorca), Galeria VidrArt (Menorca), Galeria Setba (Barcelona), Centre d'Art Contemporain Museum d'Essaouira (Morocco) and the International Print Center Xalubinia (Menorca).


She also has works in private collections in Canada, Malaysia, Australia and France.
She has had many exhibitions in Barcelona but has also exhibited in Girona, Gijón, Asturias, Menorca, Madrid and Italy, France, Soho (New York) and Tokyo.
She has received several awards. The most recent of which was the 3rd Award for Best Artist's Book at the II Biennale Internazionale of Artists' Books, Treviso, Veneto, with “Anatomia d'una Ombra” awarded in 2013.

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